The slow load times on @bandcamp feel like the digital version of pushing my way through the aisles of @amoebamusic during an instore

Bandcamp is running a special Covid-19 promotion right now, where 100% of all sales go directly to the artist (usually they take 15%).

Their page has crashed, but they are back up and running... slowly.

It really feels like pushing your way through a crowded record store. ...

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Pandemic Paradigm, Neukölln

Today marks 2 straight weeks of working from home, and not really going outside all that much (or at least, not nearly enough).

The streets are emptier today than yesterday than the day before it. But it was also time to buy provisions.

Venturing out on bike, the playgrounds were mostly, but not entirely empty. It's not clear if this is just due to the cloudy weather, or because people are taking isolation more seriously. Five Elephant had two tables with people drinking coffee outside, and an awkward circle of people trying to social-distance while obtaining their caffeine. ...

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Putting marshmallow fluff onto thin mints was a questionable decision #quarantineExperiments

Health Insurance in Germany

It's Super Tuesday, so I thought I'd share a bit about healthcare in Germany, in the context of Medicare for All.

There has been much ado in the press and debates about the name "Medicare for All", "Medicare for All Who Want It", etc, but in general, I've felt that these all miss the core point: the USA needs universal, affordable health care.

We have that in Germany. It's not single-payer like the NHS in the UK, but it's universal, and it's affordable. Here's a quick rundown of how things work here. ...

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Oh damn, it’s still February huh

I almost made it through all of Transmissions After Zero without crying, but hearing Linda Taylor play Fucking With The Altimeter on piano opened the floodgates

Check out the film at brainiacfilm.com

Halleluja ! everything is saved ! Shellac is playing in Germany !


Not Great Men

For whatever reason, when I got into Gang of Four, I never managed to get into the people behind the band. It took me years after finding Entertainment! to recognize the name Andy Gill, and even then, it came with the context of learning that he had produced the first RHCP record (eh...), which wasn't exactly positive.

Still, he's somehow managed to be an essential (if unspoken) influence on my guitar playing. Shrill, noisy, chaotic and haphazard, but also rhythmic and pointed. The screeching beginning to Anthrax is rivaled only by the the chainsaw squeels that begin Cables, and even there, Albini likely owes Gill his shirt.

Other people have written it better already, (and he's even said it better himself), but Entertainment! was one of the first punk albums that I'd heard with a level of interplay and full-band dynamic whose sum was unpredictable if you only heard the parts. Instead of bass mimicking guitar chords, the bass and drums were the foundation and the house, while the guitar was only the lightning rod. ...

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This is the first time I’ve walked into an Indian Restaurant in Berlin where it smells as delicious as it should

at Yogi Haus, Rigaer Str/Waldeyerstraße

Hope it’s as tasty as it smells

Cheesy Audio Research

Well this is ridiculous and amazing. How does music affect cheese aging? https://cheeseinsound.ch

From Smithsonian

hip-hop... gave the cheese an especially funky flavor, while cheese that rocked out to Led Zeppelin or relaxed with Mozart had milder zests ...

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Primavera 2020 is looking pretty good...

I have half a mind to go again, despite the health kerfuffle I ran into last year in Barcelona during Sonar. Seeing Les Savy Fav like it's 20 years ago sounds nice and nostalgic. And I haven't seen Shellac in ages, which is well overdue.

also, Bikini Kill ! Kim Gordon ! Neubauten ! Iggy ! YLT !

What acts are you looking forward to? ...

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New year, new blog

Hello, 2020. I've been meaning to start up a blog / self-hosted web scenario for quite a while now, and decided to finally jump in. There's (obviously) not much here now, but I'm planning to use this space to collect some writings, photos, and audio from other places on the web, and generally see it as a replacement for facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. I'll still keep some of those accounts active, but will see this as a more central hub for my own work going forward. Happy new year