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Pandemic Paradigm, Neukölln

Today marks 2 straight weeks of working from home, and not really going outside all that much (or at least, not nearly enough).

The streets are emptier today than yesterday than the day before it. But it was also time to buy provisions.

Venturing out on bike, the playgrounds were mostly, but not entirely empty. It's not clear if this is just due to the cloudy weather, or because people are taking isolation more seriously. Five Elephant had two tables with people drinking coffee outside, and an awkward circle of people trying to social-distance while obtaining their caffeine.

Toilet paper, flour, and yeast seem to be the hardest things to find. Dried pasta is also sparse, but just enough more abundant that you can actually buy some.

DM has warning tape lines on the floor at the cashier, 2 meters apart, and signs indicating that social distancing is important. I asked the stocker if the TP was really ausverkauft (apparently some places have it but not on the shelves, so that they can guarantee only one per person), and she said it usually goes within an hour or two of being stocked, on Monday and Thursday mornings.

In Kaufland, there was again no toilet paper. In the baking aisle, a man was on the floor on his hands and knees, reaching into the gap under the shelves, fishing for something. I stood behind him scanning the shelves looking for dried baking yeast. He took some cardboard here and there, shoved it around under the shelves, out popped some vanilla sugar. I kept scanning. He kept fishing. Finally, he pulled out a lone package of dried baking yeast and moved it to his other hand, fishing more to see if he could find another. Alas, the pond was empty. Lucky for him to find the last package.