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R. Kevin Nelson is a musician and music software developer based in Berlin.


Auxels - Usually ambient drones, occasionally other sounds

Aftertouch - 3D Touch enabled MIDI controller app for iPhone

Signal Tide - A 10-channel sonic processional to celebrate the perpetual passing by of the abandoned LES-1 satellite

pd objects - MIT-licensed synthesis essentials for Pure Data. band-limited oscillators, exponential ramps, hard or soft limiting

Shared Cinema - Watch YouTube together in public spaces. Featured in SF:UP

Made in LA Soundmap - Like geocaching for sound; an audio tour of the museum that is Los Angeles. Video Press: Wired, LA Weekly, LA Weekly Web Award

Psychic City - Geo-specific match-making for the Mirror Box at Little Tokyo Design Week, 2011.


I read hello@rkn.la and I get beeped when you tweet at @rknLA

My full CV is on LinkedIn. I'm not currently available for hire.